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Yard Worx Warranty

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Warranty Details

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Yard Worx provides an installation warranty for our workmanship. For more information on our guarantee, please contact us directly at 519 574-3666.

  • All workmanship performed by Yard Worx Landscape Inc. has a one (1) year warranty. This is provided that, upon the completion of installation, the proper maintenance procedures are followed.
    • If any part of the work or project becomes defective, or fails as a result of defect in design any time prior to the conclusion of the 1 year period; is deficient in material or workmanship, or fails to meet the requirements of the said agreement, then Yard Worx will remedy every such defect at no cost to the client.
    • Yard Worx Landscape Inc. is not responsible for any damages from natural changes in building material such as, but not limited to: staining, discoloration, efflorescence, cracking, chipping, aging, changes in shape that occur naturally on wood, poured in place concrete, natural stones or brick after installation. The company is not responsible for damages caused by salt or other products applied to natural stone or concrete materials.
    • Yard Worx is not responsible for any damages to building materials from extreme weather conditions beyond the control of the contractor.
    • Yard Worx is not responsible for damages to building materials caused by negligence, misuse, or damages caused by a third party.
  • All plant material supplied and installed by Yard Worx has a three (3) month one-time replacement warranty. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate care of plant materials, including adequate watering and maintenance after installation, and during the warranty period. Yard Worx will make every attempt to replace plants, however, cannot guarantee the availability of select plant materials and therefore will, on occasion, substitute in the event that specific plants become unavailable. Yard Worx will act with discretion in finding the most suitable substitution for said plant materials should this occur.
    • Prior to the conclusion of the contract the contractor is responsible for maintaining all plant materials supplied.
    • Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the homeowner is responsible for maintenance and protection of plant materials during the three-month warranty period.
    • Said warranty includes replacement of all plant materials determined to be failing or dead at the end of the three-month period. Yard Worx does not guarantee immediate replacement of plant materials. However, replacements shall be made by the next appropriate season.
    • Following the conclusion of the warranty period, the homeowner is fully responsible for all plant material unless otherwise stated.
    • Yard Worx is not responsible for any damages to plant materials from extreme weather conditions beyond the control of the contractor.
    • Yard Worx is not responsible for damages to plant materials caused by negligence, misuse or damages caused by a third party.
  • The warranties for both workmanship and plant materials do not apply to product damaged beyond the contractor’s control, including inadequate maintenance by others, vandalism or abuse.
  • The warranties hereby granted are for installation deficiencies, not the products themselves.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty for products may vary from Yard Worx’s installation warranty.
  • Yard Worx holds the express right to a final say on determining if a claim is covered within the warranty.

Download Warranty as PDF »


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